Grogu (Baby Yoda) – Body

The body has several parts, the upper part that would be the equivalent to the neck, the central trunk where the electronics are housed and the lower part that incorporates the traction and rocking system. NECK 1 – CabezaSoporteA.stl 1 – CabezaCuello.stl 1 – ProlongaCuello.stl 2 – Servo MG90S + Arms 2 – Set Linkers 1 – Hub Servo 8 – Screws flat head M3x6 1 – Screw M4x25 1 – Linker M4 (to head) 2 – Linker M2x20 (to head)

Baby Yoda (Head)

DEVELOPING What is intended is to give it all the naturalness possible as seen in the film, therefore, it is quite a challenge to work with such a small space, which presents certain difficulties. The first thing to note is that the line of the eyes is not in a horizontal position, they are forming an angle, this presents a difficulty because operating the orbits of both eyes involves independent servos and, consequently, double space. For this reason the eye sockets only have a right-left movement, up-down is discarded for space. The head incorporates 6 servos inside, with them I […]

BABY YODA (Animatronic child)

I present to you what I think is going to be one of the best jobs I’m doing lately. The good thing about this is not only the project itself, but thanks to it several people are collaborating and it is being very rewarding. APPEARANCE AND COSTUME For this project I have had the help of: Angel Ortiz (@angel_ortiz): Outer skins, eyes, hands and ornaments. Jose Castañera (@tallerdelcosplayer): Clothing and clothing. It is a challenge since it is an animatronic project, this means that not everything in it is a technical / electronic concept, but rather that finishes and exterior […]

D-O Black Series

This is an own version of the D-O droid, this droid does not really exist in the saga. However, I have thought it convenient to do so for various reasons. I think that a small droid of these characteristics can offer a lot of fun, not only because of its peculiar movement, or because the dark side must also have powerful droids … If not because the side weapon can be easily changed. I plan to make more types of weapons to be able to exchange them. RECURSOS The inner part of the droid has hardly changed, only a couple […]

Construction of my D-O

In this post I am going to introduce you to the construction of my version of D-O, the little droid of the SW saga appears in the last episode of the trilogy and becomes the inseparable friend of BB8. Surprisingly for everyone, especially for me, the droid was presented in public making some characteristic sounds… This was adopted by the various communities of inspired builders and basing their designs on this… Later it would be seen with surprise that the droid , on the film movie…. Speak. Go to Assembly Steps Graphic content I have to say that all my […]

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