D-O Black Series

This is an own version of the D-O droid, this droid does not really exist in the saga. However, I have thought it convenient to do so for various reasons. I think that a small droid of these characteristics can offer a lot of fun, not only because of its peculiar movement, or because the dark side must also have powerful droids … If not because the side weapon can be easily changed. I plan to make more types of weapons to be able to exchange them. RECURSOS The inner part of the droid has hardly changed, only a couple […]

Construction of my D-O

In this post I am going to introduce you to the construction of my version of D-O, the little droid of the SW saga appears in the last episode of the trilogy and becomes the inseparable friend of BB8. Surprisingly for everyone, especially for me, the droid was presented in public making some characteristic sounds… This was adopted by the various communities of inspired builders and basing their designs on this… Later it would be seen with surprise that the droid , on the film movie…. Speak. Go to Assembly Steps Graphic content I have to say that all my […]

D-O Controller V2

Description This is the controller I developed for my D-O, although it is possible to adapt it to other designs … It is reduced and optimized to be able to control the droid by Bluetooth with a Sony Navigation crontroller command. The circuit integrates all the hardware to carry out the main actions of the droid: Chip Arduino Mega Pro. Built-in USB Shield Host. Stabilization through IMU and PID Driver for 2 Motors of 1A (3A peak). Audio module with 1W BF output. Control of 4 Servos. Built-in regulator for servo power. Low battery detector With this circuit you have […]

R2-Net Servo controller

Links What do I need to create the movements? How do we add a loop to our sequence? How do we upload a move to the memory of the controllers? Description This is a controller to handle up to 24 Rc servos, it is built to be installed on droids with R2-Net but, through the library we can also use it on a non-R2-Net system. In a quick definition it can be said that it serves to animate your droid with personalized movements, through this controller, each one builds the spectacularity of his project. Advantage? It is tremendously versatile, it […]

R2-Net Teeces

The teeces system is the group of circuits that make up the lighting part in the droid’s head. The main circuit is formed by a pcb with an arduino nano as the main processor, three LED drivers, a step down regulator and the R2-Net conditioner. The system is made up of 6 parts that are identified as follows: Rear Logic: Rectangular main PCB with 135 multicolour LEDs. Frontal Top Display (TFLD): Rectangular front pcb with 45 Leds in White and Blue. Bottom Display (BFLD): 45 Leds White and Blue rectangular front upper PCB. Front PSI: Round front PCB made up […]

R2-Net Holo-projector

The Holo-Projectors are perhaps the most recognizable devices in an R2 unit, on the other hand they are very important within the events in the saga, since R2 projects the famous leia message. To get the most realism to these devices, since current technology does not allow displaying a hologram as we saw on the big screen, what you can do is try to emulate this action so that it seems that an image is being projected when in fact it is a stroboscopic effect. Holo-Projectors are devices that have two types of effects, one light and one motion. By […]

R2-Net Server

Description The R2-Net Server is an embedded module that incorporates a Linux operating system. This module, among other services, has hardware to generate a Wi-Fi access point. Through this wifi it is possible to connect to it and run the application (web-app) that controls the droid. When the server is powered, the R2-NET wifi is created and can be accessed with a mobile device, tablet or pc. The application is optimized for Ipad or Ipad-mini (1024×768), although it works on any other current Android device. In this way the application is on the droid not on the device and it […]

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