R2-Net Servo controller

Links What do I need to create the movements? How do we add a loop to our sequence? How do we upload a move to the memory of the controllers? Description This is a controller to handle up to 24 Rc servos, it is built to be installed on droids with R2-Net but, through the library we can also use it on a non-R2-Net system. In a quick definition it can be said that it serves to animate your droid with personalized movements, through this controller, each one builds the spectacularity of his project. Advantage? It is tremendously versatile, it […]

R2-Net Teeces

All the electronics of the circuits, except for the LEDs of the logic panel and the front displays, are of the smd type. The leds are high luminosity and transparent to achieve an effect as close to fiber optic light projection. CHARACTERISTICS

R2-Net Server

On the left side of the application we have a menu with the following options: Home: Access to the initial page, there is quick access to the different software options, modes, sounds and gadgets. Modes: Allows you to set the appearance of the droid, you can visually parameterize the droid by lighting and add a sound or music effect to it. Sequences: They are the movement sets of the droid panels, the application sends the order with the movement to be performed, it is also possible to associate a sound effect or an mp3 file with it. Sounds: Window where […]

R2-Net library for Arduino Boards

In this section of the web I am going to tell you how to use the R2-Net library so that you can implement it in your projects and command R2-Net devices from your hardware application. For this example I have used an Arduino Mega and an RS-485 transceiver through which we will communicate the R2-Net protocol. The Arduino Mega will send telegrams to the connected devices in the protocol format. The wiring diagram is as follows: HOW TO USE IT In each of the examples below are the codes to act on the devices. The following are available: Holo-Projectors (up […]

R2-Net Protocol

Examples: How does it work The system is simple, the modules are connected in parallel with each other, and it communicates with them through two wires. Communication is established through data telegrams; These telegrams can be shared by various devices so that they can be attended by all those who include their command. Each device is configured with a unique number that identifies it on the R2-Net bus, this number is assigned and encoded by a group of small switches that each device has others that do not carry these switches through the device’s own software. Each device has its […]

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