Controller XCHILD v1


This is the electronic and software project that I have designed for my animatronic version of Grogu, although it is possible to adapt it to other similar designs and projects, the important thing is that it has a flexible base to be able to adapt it to the needs …

With these components you have everything you need for a mechatronic of this type. The system is composed of a main board, an audio board and an IMU.

It is reduced and optimized to control the droid by Bluetooth, this time I have implemented the arduino PS4 library, with this we manage the functions with a Sony PS4 controller.

The circuit integrates all the hardware to perform the main actions of the doll, for this I have used the following components:

  • Arduino Mega Pro chip.
  • Built-in USB Host Shield.
  • Tilt detection via IMU
  • Driver for 2 1A Motors (3A peak).
  • Audio module with 1W BF output.
  • Control of 12 Servos.
  • Built-in regulator for powering the servos.
  • Low battery detector


The audio device is a MiniDfPlayer type player that incorporates a 1W BF audio output.

The speakers must be 16 ohms since they are connected in parallel; with this we get the equivalent of an 8 Ohm load.

The sounds are recorded on the micro-sd card in mp3 format. All main sounds are in folder “01”, some effects in folder “02”.

If you want to add or customize more sounds it is necessary to keep the format of each file (three numbers and the extension), for example 35 should be called: “035.mp3”.


The circuit incorporates an integrated 6612FNG driver that is capable of providing 1A continuous and up to 3A peak. Both motors are connected to the main board.


Link PS4 Controller from Arduino Board