Welcome to X-Circuits

Hello visitor, my name is Julio Montagut (“Xor” in honor of an old friend). This is my personal project to publicize what I do as a hobby.

On this page you will find my current personal robotics and animatronics projects and their developments. Some of them are fully developed, others only a part or perhaps a collaboration with third parties.

I have been carrying out projects and developments focused on domestic and professional robotics for years, some projects have served to collaborate in other major works, for example: Robotic broadcast events, in the film industry as a special effects programmer.

The objective of this website is that the people who trust my developments find support and have a site where they can consult and download what is necessary for their project to finish successfully, since every day, I continue with the projects, some remodeling them and doing them better, others starting new versions based on their own experiences or your suggestions.

This idea also arises from the fact that in most cases, the materials needed when creating a technical project, implies that you have to manufacture minimum quantities and suddenly you find a drawer full of spare parts or circuits that you do not know when you will use again.

I think it can be useful to expose these things here, as well as their usefulness, not only for the project for which they have been conceived but also for other projects in which they can be accommodated.

All the material you will find on this website is freely distributed and you can make use of it as long as you respect the source of origin and the authorship of what you use. Use what you need but mention where you get it.

On this website you will find among other things:

  • Electronics for small robots.
  • Devices for the R2-Net system (Integral Control of R2 units).
  • Droid control circuits.
  • Management libraries for arduino.
  • Stl files of some projects.
  • Projects


But… If you are a professional and you like what I do, you can also contact me and tell me what you need or how I can help you.

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