R2-Net Protocol

What is R2-Net?

R2-Net is a serial communication protocol that circulates on a two-wire RS485 bus. The RS485 bus is an industrial bus widely used in industrial and professional systems, such as DMX, in photovoltaic systems, home automation … etc.

What you intend

With this system it is intended to unite all the circuits that are in the units (not only R2 and its variants, it is also possible to extrapolate it to other models) so that each one, according to his need, can add his own circuit, accessory or modification … without dying in the attempt.

What can be achieved?

Apart from equipping your unit with a technology of modules “linked by bus” … one of the main advantages is that you can provide control of the entire unit as you never had before. You can get to the bus simply by conditioning a gangway, for example, a PS2 or PS3 command to R2-Net to have the pulsator available as commands to the bus.


a) – The illumination of all the light devices and the internal LEDs of the droid are established with the same color with a single click.

b) – You can create droid status modes and parameterize them, for example the dart-vader mode places the front holo in red, the teces in the imperial program and the sound module plays the mp3 of the imperial march.


How does it work

The system is simple, the modules are connected in parallel with each other, and it communicates with them through two wires. Communication is established through data telegrams; These telegrams can be shared by various devices so that they can be attended by all those who include their command.

Each device is configured with a unique number that identifies it on the R2-Net bus, this number is assigned and encoded by a group of small switches that each device has others that do not carry these switches through the device’s own software.

Address R2-Net

Each device has its own commands depending on its utility or application … For example: A holo-projector has two types of action, on the one hand lighting and on the other mechanical movement.