R2-Net Server

How do we insert a shortcut from the app on our Ipad?

The web-App has been programmed to be displayed in full screen on Apple devices, the responsive mode has been checked in landscape orientation so that it is displayed in full screen. The resolution size is 1024×768.

The first thing we must do is connect to the wifi generated by the server, by default it is called R2-NET.

The following we open the Safari web browser and write the default IP address of the server:

Then we select in the button bar the option to add to the home screen.

We write what we want to call the icon, click Add and …

Done … We already have our web-app on the device’s desktop.

As we have added, the administrative options for creating and editing options on the server are not shown. This is the way to run the application when the droid is taken to some public place, event or action … Where there may be the risk of accidentally deleting or modifying something inadvertently.

Direct access to the Web-App with administrative options

The process is the same as the previous step, except that in the IP address we are going to add the following options:

We create the link to the Home page and establish the name …

The result is the two icons on the Ipad desktop.