R2-Net Server

Access the server console

Watch out…!!! Incorrect manipulation or change of the data explained in this and the following sections can damage the server configuration or even damage it. That said, I am not responsible if any of this does not go well.

The first thing we have to take into account is that we need to connect and see the unix console, this is a server that mounts a variant of Debian … it is a Raspbian distribution with the minimum necessary services pre-installed so as not to consume resources of more.

In order to access the console we are going to download a program for windows, this program is called Putty, you can download it for free from here: https://www.putty.org/

What this program does is communicate using the SSH protocol and port 22, with the server opening a unix console on our PC.

By default the server comes pre-configured with the following SSH parameters:

  • Ip:
  • Password SSH para for user ROOT:  pe1pi2to3

Clicking on the “Open” button we access a window where we are asked to login…

Here we write root, press enter and then (when requested) we write the password: pe1pi2to3.

Press Enter and with that we already access the console.

In this first touchdown of the console several interesting values are observed such as:

  • The Armbian version installed.
  • The time it has been running.
  • Memory usage and installed memory.
  • CPU core temperature.
  • The use of the data card.