R2-Net Server


The R2-Net Server is an embedded module that incorporates a Linux operating system. This module, among other services, has hardware to generate a Wi-Fi access point. Through this wifi it is possible to connect to it and run the application (web-app) that controls the droid.

When the server is powered, the R2-NET wifi is created and can be accessed with a mobile device, tablet or pc. The application is optimized for Ipad or Ipad-mini (1024×768), although it works on any other current Android device. In this way the application is on the droid not on the device and it is not necessary to install anything.

The server module also incorporates a communications processor that behaves as a communications master, in addition to managing the server’s start and stop services, so that it stores the droid’s start configuration, this allows us to parameterize how we want it to start the droid, on the other hand, when we stop the server, the communications processor is also responsible for transmitting the shutdown to the R2-Net devices.

As a security measure, from the application it is possible to manage all the devices in the system except for movement.

This is the default initial screen, you have quick access to the most common things of the droid: The most striking movements, sounds and gadgets of the dome.

Available List Sounds Page

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On the left side of the application we have a menu with the following options:

  • Home: Access to the initial page, there is quick access to the different software options, modes, sounds and gadgets.
  • Modes: Allows you to set the appearance of the droid, you can visually parameterize the droid by lighting and add a sound or music effect to it.
  • Sequences: They are the movement sets of the droid panels, the application sends the order with the movement to be performed, it is also possible to associate a sound effect or an mp3 file with it.
  • Sounds: Window where we can reproduce the sounds of the droid. Each window is paginated so that 20 sounds can fit in one.
  • Manual movements of the head: Window where we can operate all the devices of the Dome independently. Each of the device types is differentiated by a different color: (Blue – Servos, Green – Teeces, Yellow – Holoprojectors and Red – Gadgets).
  • Manual movements on the body: This window shows the controls for the body, the color typology is the same as that used on the head.
  • Jedi Game: A question and answer game where it is possible to interact with the droid. The game consists of having to answer five questions where the droid interacts with the participant.

From this page entry I am going to show you a series of tricks, improvements and variants that can be applied to the server. If you are a curious person and want to get the most out of the server, this is your section …