R2-Net Teeces

The teeces system is the group of circuits that make up the lighting part in the droid’s head. The main circuit is formed by a pcb with an arduino nano as the main processor, three LED drivers, a step down regulator and the R2-Net conditioner.

The system is made up of 6 parts that are identified as follows:

  • Rear Logic: Rectangular main PCB with 135 multicolour LEDs.
  • Frontal Top Display (TFLD): Rectangular front pcb with 45 Leds in White and Blue.
  • Bottom Display (BFLD): 45 Leds White and Blue rectangular front upper PCB.
  • Front PSI: Round front PCB made up of 21 RGB LEDs.
  • Rear PSI: Round rear PCB made up of 21 RGB LEDs.
  • Magic Light Pannel: Rectangular side PCB with 32 RGB LEDs.

The light set has 9 different visual effects programs (functions), these programs behave according to the way they have been named, this is a description of them:

  • Off: All lights turn off.
  • Random: Everything except the magic panel lights up in random mode.
  • Alarm: All panels blink fast.
    Short circuit: It simulates that they go off in a strange and random way.
  • Leia: Effects are shown in the form of a vertical line from top to bottom.
  • Star-wars: The text star-wars is displayed on the LED panels.
  • Run: The panels are switched on half by half alternately.
  • Barcode: Simulates an audio spectrum / volumetric.
  • Text: It allows presenting the desired text using the R2-Net command.

All the electronics of the circuits, except for the LEDs of the logic panel and the front displays, are of the smd type. The leds are high luminosity and transparent to achieve an effect as close to fiber optic light projection.


  • Power Supply: 9 – 30 VDC.
  • Nominal Consumption: 500mA.
  • Protection against polarity reversals.
  • RS485 Compatible Hardware (R2-Net Bus).
  • Open source for arduino nano.

R2-Net Teeces Kit

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