R2-Net Servo controller


This is a controller to handle up to 24 Rc servos, it is built to be installed on droids with R2-Net but, through the library we can also use it on a non-R2-Net system.

In a quick definition it can be said that it serves to animate your droid with personalized movements, through this controller, each one builds the spectacularity of his project.


It is tremendously versatile, it is possible to program the movements you want and their speed in real time. You don’t need to build complex codes or algorithms for this.

One of the qualities that makes it really special is that it incorporates a non-volatile memory (it does not erase when you remove the power), where the movement sequences are stored.

The movements are built with the pc and are then sent to the controller.

The movements, once sent, are integrated into the droid with R2-Net, this means that being connected to the bus and creating the sequence icon on the server with the position of the movement … You no longer have anything else to program, as soon as the icon is clicked the movement will start.

How is it done?

With the help of a PC software, the movements are built as if it were a musical sequencer. Once the movements are designed, they are sent to the controller.

Through this system you do not worry about the hundreds of lines that you would have to write to do that programmatically … This saves you that work.

Here I show you a small video where it is observed how it works in real time, the servo follows the graph that you create with clicks on its track.


The next page shows the steps to follow to create and memorize a movement in the controller.