R2-Net Servo controller

How do we add a loop to our sequence?

Actually this is very simple, at the top of the multi-track there is a special area for this, it is the sequence area.

We go to it and press the right button to create a new sequence.

The upper box appears to create the new sequence (loop). The parameter box appears where we set Name, repetitions, colors, destination position when finished … etc.

Once created, the mouse is used to establish the points where we want the loop. In this example we place them at both ends with a value of 70.

For this example we are creating a loop (sequence) called “TAPAS 1” that will be repeated 5 times, with the greenish background color and white text. When finished, since Pos. Destination is -1, it will not jump to any position and will end as it is drawn.

Lastly, we must bear in mind that if we have the “loop” activated and send it to the servo controller, this movement will never end.


Finally, we are going to create a Stop line, this will stop the reproduction (Play) in the vertical in which it is.

To do this, we click with the right mouse button and look for the “Create / Stop Line” menu.

We will create this line that we must place at the last point of our movement.

I have placed the Stop line just above the “R” line. When the playhead reaches that position, playback will stop.


From frame 0, when hitting Play, it will move the servo, execute the TAPAS 1 loop 5 times and end up stopping on line R.